August 5, 2019


We offer a complete portfolio of Real Estate services that meet all your needs. Our commitment is to deliver personalized services at the highest value, skillfully guiding you through your Real Estate journey.


We have a deep knowledge of every neighborhood in the Miami-Dade County, making the process of finding
the right property much easier. Thanks to our amazing network, we can help you find the home of your dreams,
with all your criteria and requirements and at the best possible price.


The focus of our commercial division is to understand the professional and financial goals of your business
and help you make the best investment. Our extensive network allows us to have access to innovative projects
and investment opportunities in the Miami area. And our expertise in lease terms and negotiation will allow
our clients to obtain the best deals and revenues.


Open Consulting L.L.C. also provides with a professional management team to take care of all your investments
and properties in Miami-Dade County. Our local team is trained to manage all aspects of your property: utilities,
rental logistics, furnishing and decor, coordination of repairs and cleaning services, submission of reports,
insurance estimates, social media management, customer support, tax analysis and more.


With a depth knowledge of the financial resources available in the city, we provide our clients with personalized
orientation, 24/7 support and successful strategies regarding the best financing options, making your projects
achievable and profitable.